by Nick Mecca

The Utica Memorial Auditorium is now a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark. The American Society of Civil Engineers bestowed the honor upon the building at a ceremony Tuesday. One of only 200 buildings in the world to receive this recognition, the Utica Auditorium joins the Brooklyn Bridge, Panama Canal, and Washington Monument as a civil engineering marvel. The American Society of Civil Engineers awarded "The Aud" its legacy, creativeness and innovation in finding solutions. "For instance in this facility there were very bad soil conditions so the site wasn't conducive to holding a very heavy structure so they came up with the cable system because it was very light," says ASCE President Kathy Caldwell. Built over fifty years ago and Former Mayor McKennan's vision, the auditorium introduced a unique dual layer cable suspension system that went on to influence future designs. "Not too many people know about this roof structure," says Mayor Roefaro. "It was the first successful suspended roof system in the world, Madison Square Garden was patterned after this after this, and to know that it came right from Utica, New York.